The only better thing than a giant Lego spaceship is a real spaceship

My favorite Lego constructions are spaceships—precise models that fire my imagination better than any illustration. The 7-foot-long Lego UNSC Spirit of Fire by Mark Kelso is an example of the perfect Lego spaceship. The detail in this thing is absolutely insane. I'm not surprised that it took four (FOUR!) years to complete.

This insane 7-foot Lego Halo spaceship took 4 years to build

Every so often a Lego build comes along that's so epic and so amazing that it literally has me drooling over greebles. Mark Kelso's 7-foot long HALO Lego ship is one such build. The UNSC Spirit of Fire was a colony ship from the game HALO.

Kelso writes that he got the idea to build this Lego SHIP ("Significantly Huge Investment in Parts") four years ago. He said it was one of the most challenging endeavors of his life, but says "I won't bore you with the details.." Ugh! I want details! This build is gorgeous! I totally have a thing for spaceships. Especially Lego spaceships and this is a pretty badass build.

Head over to MocPages to read more about Mark's epic quest to build this ginormous beast. (P.S. He's a pretty funny guy).


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