Carl Sagan Deep Space Ship to Go to the Living Room and Beyond

When I was 12, Cosmos was one of my favorite TV shows. The other was Benny Hill. Clearly, planetary exploration and semi-naked girls go together like William Shatner and Elton John songs, whiskey and glass, or Lego and awesome spaceships. » 11/10/09 2:40pm 11/10/09 2:40pm

750,000-Brick Kennedy Space Center Is the Mother of All Lego Models

Forget about the Lego Airbus A380 and the Lego Death Star, because this video will show you the mother of all Lego models: the 750,000-brick Kennedy Space Center. Using 1,506 square feet, it took 2,500 hours to build. It includes a 6.13ft-tall Space Shuttle on the launch pad, the space center with a 9ft-long Saturn 1B … » 6/21/08 10:00pm 6/21/08 10:00pm