How did they make the multi-million dollar Lego Movie?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller sat down and talked with Al Moloney of the BBC about how they accomplished the filming of The Lego Movie. Though there were tons of Lego models and sets built for the movie, it is no surprise that most of it was done with CGI. The lengths they went to make sure it looked like the real… »11/19/14 11:03am11/19/14 11:03am

The Lego Movie official blooper reel is so much fun to watch

I have a confession: I have not watched The Lego Movie yet. I know, I know. I am a terrible human. My childhood self would shake his head so hard. Heck, my adult self is shaking my head at me! I'm going to watch it ASAP now though. Because after watching this "blooper" reel from The Lego Movie, I'm curled up in a ball… »2/13/14 9:06pm2/13/14 9:06pm