Teenager recreates Hollywood classics in stop motion Lego video

Commissioned by Warren Elsemore, author of the book Brick Flicks: 60 Cult Movie Scenes & Posters Made from Lego, Morgan Spence has created a two-minute stop motion video of several iconic movie scenes. From Breakfast at Tiffany's to Dirty Dancing there are some really creative builds and this short video is just great. » 10/15/14 12:17pm Wednesday 12:17pm

Hilarious dad helps his kids build Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

John Wray shared his funny documentation of the construction of the fabled Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet. I have to say, the level of detail in these new UCS (Ultimate Collectors Series) sets is just incredible. Coming in at 3200 pieces it is a wonder how these kids were able to throw together a 16+ Lego set so… » 10/14/14 3:05pm 10/14/14 3:05pm

Did you know you can build Lego ships inside bottles too?

The amount of dexterity and patience that it takes to construct a ship in a bottle has always been something that has fascinated me. I obviously love building Lego, but the thought of doing that inside of a bottle has never crossed my mind until today. Builder Bangooh has melded these two hobbies beautifully and… » 10/13/14 4:08pm 10/13/14 4:08pm

Deals: Select Lego BOGO 50% off at Barnes & Noble Online

Until October 14th, Barnes and Noble is running a buy one get one 50% off promotion on select educational toys & games in their online store. There are several Lego sets covered under this sale, most of them now making their best seller list. City Arctic Outpost (60035) and Creator Tree House (31010) to name a couple. » 10/13/14 11:17am 10/13/14 11:17am