This mini Lego detective's office completes the block

In 2012 Lego released a set called Mini Modulars (10230) which took the line of modular buildings and reduced them down to approximately 1:4 scale (Modular buildings are on a 32x32 stud base, mini-modulars are 8x8). Par016 has made a mini-modular of the Detective's Office (10246), a set that hasn't even been released… » 12/18/14 11:43pm Yesterday 11:43pm

This working Lego zoetrope creates fighting ninja action

Constructed for the round 7 of the MOC Olympics, Ian Spacek has given us the ultimate in old tech moving pictures. Spin up this early animation technique and peer through the slots in the brick and you will see fighting ninja. I've never seen anything like this done for a building contest. Awesome build! » 12/17/14 11:59pm Wednesday 11:59pm

Combine littleBits and Lego to make a rudimentary copy machine

littleBits is one of the coolest products to hit shelves in recent years. With their interlocking modular electronics you can create tiny machines to build a myriad of projects, from simply learning about basic electronics to developing web attached systems to start your coffee in the morning, open your blinds, even… » 12/15/14 2:51pm Monday 2:51pm

Turn your Lego fire house into a construction site

With the exception of a few of the Creator, Technic and Lego Movie sets, company suggested alternate models have all but disappeared from Lego instruction books. It may be best to use your imagination when making something new out of your existing bricks, but fans in the Lego community have started making alternate… » 12/12/14 4:48pm 12/12/14 4:48pm