This Lego VW Type 2 T1 Bus is absolutely incredible!!

Having already built what is probably the coolest Lego Beetle that ever existed, builder Sheepo has churned out another spectacular Technic model. Normally, Technic models barely come close to looking the part, but this thing is unmistakable as the hippie van of the 60's. If the looks weren't enough for you this… » 10/30/14 12:20am Yesterday 12:20am

This Lego silver back gorilla mech will tear down the rainforest

Built by the ultra-talented Kosmas Santosa, this Lego Mech, titled Der Silberrȕcken 8, is a complex and an incredible build. Everything in the workshop from the tanks of nameless gasses to that vice on the tool bench is extremely well done. The hanger where the figs are working on the Mech is also stunning, down to… » 10/29/14 4:36pm Wednesday 4:36pm

The Lego Micropolis standard and why you should build in it

Collaborating on huge builds for a display or convention is one of the hardest things that we AFOL can do; Making time for meetings virtually or in person is difficult. The modular building scale did wonders in the Lego convention world because everything was built to a standard. The Micropolis standard does the same… » 10/28/14 11:48pm Tuesday 11:48pm

How to keep those Lego bricks brilliant white

John Tooker has put up an excellent guide to taking care of the yellowing of your white Lego brick utilizing hydrogen peroxide and a dash of the ever famous Oxy-clean. It is a problem that has plagued Lego modelers and old computer equipment collectors for decades, over time and with light exposure, this stuff starts… » 10/27/14 2:12pm Monday 2:12pm