A Lego Volvo excavator so massive and detailed you can't see the studs

Davy Linden has used countless smooth plates for a perfect finish on his impressively-detailed Lego model of a Volvo excavator. But even if he hadn’t, the model is so massive that it would actually be hard to discern individual studs just looking at the photos of it he recently posted to his Flickr page. » 5/25/15 8:29am Today 8:29am

You'll actually get to play as dinosaurs in the Lego Jurassic World game

Jurassic World hits theaters next month, and in addition to more dino-themed merchandise than you can shake a fossil at, it will also be accompanied by a new Lego game featuring levels from all four films in the Jurassic Park franchise. And as the latest game trailer reveals, you’ll actually get to play as your… » 5/14/15 10:31am 5/14/15 10:31am

I really want to visit this Lego amusement park's tiny Star Wars land

The Lego master building team of OliveSeon has completely outdone themselves with a new diorama featuring a minifig-scale amusement park with Star Wars, Frozen, and even The Lego Movie-themed attractions. Legoland in California is an amazing place, but this is where I’d really like to vacation one day. » 5/13/15 8:35am 5/13/15 8:35am

R2-D2 becomes an action hero in this Jawa-blasting Lego short film

In the Star Wars movies there were lots of times when R2-D2 saved the day, that’s how he became a fan favorite. But deep down you could tell that the little astromech droid yearned to be a true action hero, and in R2-D2 Unrestrained, a Lego stop-motion short film, he finally has the opportunity to blast his way to a… » 5/12/15 9:21am 5/12/15 9:21am

You need 10,000 pieces to build a Minifig-scale Lego Millennium Falcon

Lego’s Millennium Falcons are some of the toymaker’s largest and most impressive sets, but to keep the price tags reasonable there are some comprises made when it comes to size, scale, and detailing. As the Lego fans at Titans Creations discovered, to build a Millennium Falcon that’s actually perfectly sized for… » 5/11/15 10:02am 5/11/15 10:02am

Lego Dimensions instruction manuals reveal Portal and Doctor Who sets

Although Lego Dimensions won’t be out until September, we’ve already had a pretty good look at some of the game’s extra expansion packs. But an instruction manual uploaded to Lego’s website has given us even more news: our first look at Lego Doctor Who, and confirmation of Lego Portal!
» 5/11/15 9:00am 5/11/15 9:00am

It took half a million bricks to build Legoland's new Death Star

Even with gigantic stadiums dotting the earth, it’s hard for us to imagine just how massive the Empire’s Death Star really was. Over in California’s Legoland they recently added a scale model of the Death Star to their collection, and using around half a million bricks it still ended being only about eight-feet in… » 5/08/15 10:56am 5/08/15 10:56am

You can easily customize this Lego-friendly tie to match any outfit

Nothing makes a party feel like a chore like having to dress formal for the occasion. But if a special occasion calls for a jacket and tie, swap this Bricky Blocks plastic studded alternative for your traditional silk noose and at least you’ll have something to play with—if you remember to bring along a handful of… » 5/08/15 9:56am 5/08/15 9:56am

Our first look at the expansion packs for the Lego Dimensions game

Lego fans should be pretty excited for the upcoming Lego Dimensions video game, if only because it’s an easy way to justify buying more and more Lego sets. Used to unlock additional content like levels, characters, and figures, these are some of the first expansion packs you’ll be able to buy come September and import… » 5/06/15 12:14pm 5/06/15 12:14pm

These customized Avengers Lego Minifigs are incredibly detailed

To Lego’s credit, given how tiny its minifigs are, they already come with an impressive amount of detail. But if you’ve been slowly building your own Lego Avengers team and find all the Age of Ultron minifigs lacking, get inspired by YouTuber michaelmgf’s incredible customizations that take detailing to a whole new… » 5/05/15 12:03pm 5/05/15 12:03pm

The new Vader Minifig has a two-piece helmet just like in the movies

Just because all the Star Wars vehicles and figures in your collection are made from Lego doesn’t mean they still can’t be accurate to the actual movies. So for its new Death Star Final Duel set being released in June, Lego redesigned the Vader minifig’s helmet to break into two pieces exactly like it did in Return of… » 5/04/15 4:16pm 5/04/15 4:16pm

Smashing an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer in slo-mo is heart breaking

For May the Fourth the folks at Wired decided to recreate one of the final scenes in Return of the Jedi where Vader’s Super Star Destroyer crashes head first into the Death Star and explodes. Except that instead of using a CG simulation, or even a movie-caliber model, they simply dropped the hard-to-find $800 Lego… » 5/04/15 12:27pm 5/04/15 12:27pm

250,000 pieces of Lego went into this gigantic Millennium Falcon

If you’re already tired of Star Wars news then May the Fourth is the one day you’ll probably want to avoid the internet altogether. It’s the unofficial Star Wars holiday, and to celebrate the occasion fans at a shopping mall in Melbourne, Australia, helped Lego master builders Dan and Chris Steininger build a massive… » 5/04/15 9:32am 5/04/15 9:32am

Hands on with the Lego version of New York's iconic Flatiron Building

First seen way back in October of last year, Lego’s version of the Flatiron building—one of New York’s most iconic landmarks next to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building—is finally available for those looking for a souvenir of the city, or to add to their Lego Architecture collection. » 5/01/15 9:00am 5/01/15 9:00am

Someone turned Lego computer consoles into life-size working electronics

Half the fun of playing with Lego is actually building your creation. The other half is using your imagination to bring it to life and wonder what it would be like to be inside your rocket ship, race car, or space station. A talented artist named Love Hultén decided imagination wasn’t enough, so he turned the computer… » 4/30/15 1:38pm 4/30/15 1:38pm

The trailer for A Lego Brickumentary reminds us why we love Lego so much

A childhood spent building everything from castles, to spaceships, to monsters is all one really needs to remind themselves why Lego is the ultimate toy for everyone from toddlers to seniors. But check out the trailer for A Lego Brickumentary for even more reasons to love all those colorful plastic pieces. » 4/30/15 12:54pm 4/30/15 12:54pm

Lego's new Ferris Wheel will make you nostalgic for a carnival

Following up on the Fairground Mixer released last year, Lego has just introduced another set that is sure to make you nostalgic for a childhood spent getting sick on carnival rides. Its new Lego Creator Ferris Wheel is almost two-feet tall and features twelve suspended gondalas capable of taking the ten included… » 4/30/15 11:50am 4/30/15 11:50am

It took almost 100,000 pieces to build this 10-foot Lego hospital ship

Michelangelo’s David might be the penultimate example of Renaissance sculpting, but Arjan Oude Kotte’s MS Jutlandia is the penultimate example of Lego shipbuilding. At ten-feet long and five-feet tall it was built using somewhere between 90,000 and 100,000 pieces of Lego, and at that size it’s the perfect scale for… » 4/28/15 12:36pm 4/28/15 12:36pm

Another Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece gets the Lego treatment

Even if architects like Marcel Breuer or Walter Gropius don’t sound familiar to you, you’ve probably heard of Frank Lloyd Wright. He’s a household name when it comes to architecture, and his Wingspread house, finished in 1939, is his latest masterpiece to be converted into the ideal Lego home for your minifigs. » 4/27/15 11:25am 4/27/15 11:25am