It'll Take Months to Get a Bride Out of This Lego Wedding Dress

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, of Daisy Balloon, created this amazing piece of high Lego fashion for Tokyo's "Piece of Peace" charity exhibit at the Parco Museum. Structurally it's simply stunning (albeit a bit Disney Princessy). The construction, contour and shape are based on Hosokai's balloon dress. As an item of… » 6/24/13 12:13pm 6/24/13 12:13pm

Researcher Says Lego Minifigs Aren't as Happy as 25 Years Ago

University of Canterbury's researcher Christopher Bartneck has made an obvious discovery: Lego Minifigs are not as happy today as they were 25 years ago, when all their iconic, cleanly designed faces were happy. Now they are mostly a mess—including facial expressions of anger, doubt, sadness or fear. » 6/15/13 11:11pm 6/15/13 11:11pm

This Gigantic Building Will Be Lego Paradise on Earth

Lego has been creeping its way into the architecture market for years now—see their Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright models for reference—but they've steered clear of building full-scale buildings based on the modular plastic bricks. No longer: today, the company unveiled designs for a visitor center that… » 6/05/13 2:05pm 6/05/13 2:05pm

These 55 Amazing Lego Riddles Will Push Your Brain to the Limit

A few of these Lego brick riddles can be easily solved. The rest? Not so much. In fact, some of them are really hard—but definitely doable. They just require a little bit of imagination. Give them a try and post your answers in the comments. We will send a nice Lego set to the first person who gets them all right. » 1/30/13 6:40pm 1/30/13 6:40pm