How the Intricate Process of Injection Molding Creates Perfect Lego Bricks

There’s a good chance your brain’s already checked out on this shortened work week. But if you can still muster a thought process or two, you won’t be disappointed by Bill Hammack’s—aka engineerguy’s—latest video which explains the brilliant engineering behind the process of plastic injection molding. »Tuesday 8:45am11/24/15 8:45am


Doesn't This Lego Pin Block Animator Know You Can Just Mash Someone's Face in There?

Arthur Sacek’s Lego Pinpoint Animator is a brilliant piece of Technic and Mindstorms engineering. It can painstakingly reproduce detailed 3D images using those pin block desktop toys, but someone needs to tell him that recreating faces is a lot easier when you just press your face in there. »11/16/15 9:08am11/16/15 9:08am

The Heroes and Villains Of The Force Awakens Are Being Turned Into Lego Figures

Earlier this year, Lego announced a line of “Constraction” Star Wars toys—Bionicle-esque poseable figures that you built out of Lego pieces. It’s perhaps not surprising to hear that the line is being updated with characters from The Force Awakens, but now we’ve got a good look at what these figures look like! »10/29/15 11:00am10/29/15 11:00am